How Many Ways Can You Make an Advent Wreath?

In my book Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas I talk about the colors for traditional Advent wreaths–3 purple candles for Wait, Prepare and Love and 1 pink candle for Rejoice (Mary’s day). I also mention that the point is to remember the days each Sunday before Christmas, slowing down to savor the season of Christmas, and n o t worry about the colors of the candles.

Candle colors are important, but not crucial. If all you have is white candles, use those. If there are other colors on hand, by all means, use those. A ‘wreath’ doesn’t have to be round. It can be in a line…. the possibilities are endless. It’s the thought behind the practice that brings life.

Here are some examples of real life Advent wreaths (because we can’t all be like Pinterest).

carol h advent wreath
Carol Hiestand, thank you.
nicole t advent wreath
Nicole Twedt, thank you.
my advent wreath
Mine. With wobbly, not-pink Rejoice candle.
Leah Johnson, thank you.
Holly P., thank you. (Printable Advent card featured)
Thank you, Melissa C.!

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