Welcome to the corner of the interwebs created to go hand in hand with “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas.” Here you’ll find a collection of inspiring poetry, uplifting music, and resources like book lists for the season, plus FREE downloads & graphics for Advent and the Church Year. Simply click on tabs at the top of this page for all these Resources.

When I wrote my little red and white book in 2017 I wanted to help readers live with more joy and peace in the Christmas season by adopting or adapting church calendar practices in their contemporary lives. As an Evangelical who has been introduced to the rhythm and beauty of the church year I was anxious to share this built in way of slowing down the holiday season.

For truly, everyone senses a need for one long exhale to let go of the pressures surrounding Christmas.

In 2021 I also gathered a small ebook of poems for the season of Christmas, from Advent through Epiphany. You can find a link to the Kindle for Emmanuel Poems on the sidebar. These eleven selections will give you a flavor of my work and whet your appetite (I hope!) for more poetry.

I am convinced we can reclaim the holiday from the frenzy of gift-giving and presents it has become and mark it by savoring the presence of God and the people in our lives. Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas can help your family with practices for the season with a poem, a prayer, a “perhaps” that can all lead to slowing down and savoring the season.

I’m so glad you’re here! Have a look around and find some of the ways you can reclaim Christmas, too!

PS If you’d like to order a signed copy of Living the Season Well, simply fill out THIS FORM and I’ll be in touch. Books are $12.50 and include postage.


God bless you and Welcome!