If you’ve landed here via my website or have purchased my book, “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas”–Welcome!

There are scores of great books for the coming Advent/Christmas season; you’ll find a FREE download of my partially annotated booklist HERE.

If you look around the site you’ll find other ideas, activities and inspiration under the tabs above.

I wrote my little read and white book (on sale now over in the sidebar) to help readers live with more joy and peace this season. I am convinced we can reclaim Christmas from the frenzy of gift-giving and presents it has become and mark it by savoring the presence of God and the people in our lives.

In the journey to join your hands and heart and those of your family’s with practices that mark the coming Christmas occasions, perhaps it will begin with what you read, what you hear, then held in your head to mark the days ahead.

A poem, a prayer, a “perhaps” can all lead to slowing down and savoring the season.

Let’s start small, start now.