Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas–Poster

Like me, you’ve probably sung the familiar Twelve Days song during the Christmas season, but you may not be aware the song in fact is about the 12 days B E T W E E N  Christmas and Epiphany on January 6th. You can read more about the real twelve days of Christmas here.

Here’s a fun and colorful poster for you to help you sing along next time you hear the tune. Simply right click on the image, choose ‘Save image as’ on your computer, download and print on paper of cardstock…the possibilities are endless.

One thought on “Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas–Poster

  1. Bright and beautiful images, Jody; thank you! You’re right–the possibilities for using them are endless. Our nine-year old granddaughter will no doubt enjoy creating placecards for Christmas dinner or making ornaments or…who knows?

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