Peace & Quiet

“No matter what hardships the year has seen, there’s always Christmas at its crown, illuminating our tired old world with the renewed glory of the Incarnation. It’s no wonder so many of the old carols and poems liken Christmastide to springtime, or the heady rapture of high summer.”  -Lanier Ivester, Homesick for the Holidays 

If you read through to the end of my book Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas, perhaps you noticed a mention at the beginning of the Appendix–The Golden Hours–a lovely corner of beauty and richness nestled in between the bandwidth of the Internet.

Lanier Ivester and Laura Boggs are co-hostesses of The Golden Hours, alternately humorous and sobering, rich in writing and wealthy in words. Like a draught of cool water to the soul that doesn’t know quite how thirsty it is.

And don’t our souls long for real food that can feed us in this over busy, all-too-much season of Christmas?

I hope you’ll take a moment to read more of Lanier’s words over at The Golden Hours, and discover just what she means about being homesick at home.

“Tears, sadness, loss—they all seem so utterly at odds with modern notions of excess and happiness at all costs. But Christmas isn’t about harried shoppers and overstuffed calendars and frantic pursuits of pleasure–we all know that.

Still, anything that reminds us is, at heart, a mercy.” 

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