NEW FOR 2021 Emmanuel Poems

Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays

Ebook Available on Amazon $2.99

Emmanuel Poems-Verses for the Holidays Ebook invites readers to dip into the vast ocean that is poetry, combined with the deep well of mystery surrounding Christmas. Emmanuel means “God with us,” a title that umbrellas the theme of these poems, that God sent his son to inhabit our everyday world.

Several poems accompany the season of Advent’s forty days, from the prophecy in “Dayspring from on High” and “Anna Waits” to the preparation of our homes and hearts in “Search.Light.” The small ten poem collection ends with “Mystery,” a poem weaving Christ’s birth with the threads of his death and resurrection, the real reason that He came.

Ten inspiring poems & nine whimsical watercolors illuminating the mystery & wonder of the Christmas season, from Advent to Epiphany. Order on Amazon today.