Simple Seasonal Practices

One of the significant features in my new book is the practical ideas for adjusting the focus of your Christmas season.

As Advent approaches beginning December 3rd, here are some ‘replacement’ ideas for that commercial Advent calendar, the one that begins on December 1st, with a window on each day and maybe an accompanying treat.

Free or close to it–contemplative, slowing down, savoring practices:

  • Search for and seek out silence, even if it’s only 10 minutes in a day.
  • Bring your children into the process. Sit outside and listen.
  • Make a mental note of what you hear or write it down in a journal.
  • Go for a walk in the rain and play a color scavenger hunt. “Who can find red? brown? green? orange? magenta? purple?” An easy game to play as leaves are falling and seasons change.
  • Look for birds. Fill a bird feeder.
  • Buy an amaryllis bulb and plant it with your kids. Talk about the practice of waiting for God’s gift–Jesus–just like you’re waiting for this bloom. It seems like nothing’s happening and then one morning, surprise!

What other contemplative, slowing down habits might you try this Christmas season?

Share in the comments!

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