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Photo courtesy of N. Twedt, Seattle, WA.

The observation of Advent begins the Fourth Sunday before Christmas.  This year (2021) Advent begins Sunday November 28th.

The ritual surrounding Advent wreaths is simple—light a candle and read from Scripture on each of the four Sundays before Christmas. An Advent wreath isn’t a ‘wreath’ in the regular sense of the word, but a round tabletop candleholder with four places for candles. (I found mine at Goodwill.) The circular shape reminds us that the Christmas season is only one point along the way in the cycle of days where we live. By marking the four Sundays of Advent with the weekly candles, we stretch out the anticipation and provide ourselves the needed space to slow down.

Church liturgy tells us the candle colors for an Advent wreath consist of one pink candle and three purple candles. There also may be one candle in the middle, white or gold, which is the Christ candle and remains unlit until Christmas Eve. Each week your family can formally observe this waiting season by lighting a candle and repeating the traditional words of Advent, taken from the Gospel of John Chapter 15:                          Candlelighter: “Jesus Christ is the light of the world.”

Everyone else: “The light no darkness overcomes.”

This weekly practice also involves Scripture reading that includes verses about a biblical person identified with that day. The week’s candle is lit and someone reads the Bible verse associated with that week. Your kids can take turns with candle lighting and, if they are able, reading the Bible passage. You can use the chart below or print out postcards HERE, cut out and keep them by the candles in your wreath.


Purple  First Sunday                  WAIT                     Isaiah  Psalm 130:5

Purple  Second Sunday             PREPARE            John the Baptist (Lk. 1:76-79)

Pink      Third Sunday               REJOICE     Mary, Jesus’ Mother (Lk. 1:46-55)

Purple  Fourth Sunday                           LOVE                       Jesus (John 3:16)

White/Gold  Christmas Day                 EMMANUEL          Jesus’ Birth (Luke 2:6-16)

  • May I suggest you don’t have to use pink and purple candles for your Advent wreath? As I mention in my book, “Living the Season Well,” the  mantra is “adopt or adapt.” Yes, the liturgical colors are symbolic and important—purple for repentance, pink for joy, white for purity—but the point is not the color. The point is to remind yourself each week that Jesus is the light of the world. If all you have is red, green or gold candles, use those. If the white candles were on sale, use those. Make your own “wreath” by setting four candles in a circle on a tray with the Christ candle in the middle. Use what you have and do what works for you. The point is to slow down and remember.

More Action Ideas and practical notes are in my book “Living the Season Well-Reclaiming Christmas.” 

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