Ad Vent {a poem I wrote}

Beckoning screens proclaim paltry purchases

as life-savers for my overrun soul.

I’m run over as they bellow, “Buy me! Buy me!”

I cannot partake of one more iota of input.

How can noiseless pixels carry so much loud

Weight and end up selling me nothing?

This war of words promises joy and happiness

Are a virtual wallet-full away. Scan, tap, click—

I’d have a temporary ticket to here-on-earth

Joy, yet be penniless and empty still.

Almost-bare bodies bear needless gifts,

Overbearing bling shimmering their

Iridescent faux shine. Plaster smiles abound.


I am not fooled.

There is no gleam, no honest light shining

Save that announced by a staggering

Star far, far away, heralding Christ’s

Arrival, harking us home.

No neon needed to find the path to

Peace, but simply waiting and watching

In the faithful daily, down-to-earth

Where our cravings meet the cross

Come Christmas.

This poem is included in my small ebook “Emmanuel Verses for the Holidays” available on Amazon. (See the sidebar). Eleven poems are included, interspersed with my rudimentary  windowpane watercolors.